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Food Matters



Read more information on Food Matters "Our Story" and sponsorship levels!

Building Futures, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of the Worcester Housing Authority. All donations made through this link will support the Food Matters program.

Food Matters is a free meal delivery program.
All residents in the participating buildings are automatically enrolled.

Food Insecurity

Over the last few years, the cost of food has quickly risen and many people have found it difficult to afford groceries. Our WHA residents are some of the first to feel these changes and we have seen the negative impact that inflation and the pandemic has had on them. Their incomes have remained fixed as the price of food rises, leaving them without enough to eat. The WHA wants to be part of the solution to make sure all of our residents have plenty of food. This is why we have started the Food Matters free meal delivery program. The Food Matters program aims to fill the gaps that leave residents without enough food by providing shelf stable meals that can be eaten as needed.

Our Mission

To improve food access to Worcester Housing Authority residents to foster positive health outcomes.

Seasoned Macaroni with Beef

Vegetarian Lentils

Chicken & Rice


    To close the gap on food insecurity
    To provide residents with healthier meal options
    To improve overall mental and physical health

The Food Matters program will provide residents with shelf stable meals that they are able to heat and eat as needed. The meals will be culturally diverse and come in various healthy meal options. The pilot program will be launching this fall and residents will receive monthly food deliveries to their door. The pilot program will begin at 6 of the WHA’s developments and later expand to all sites. The Food Matters program takes into consideration the limited mobility of many elderly and disabled residents by ensuring that meals are delivered right to residents’ doors. The program also keeps in mind holistic health, offering healthy meal options to residents, as well as working to reduce the mental stress of food insecurity.

Buildings Included in the Pilot Program

Murray & Wellington Apartments
50 Murray Avenue & 30 Wellington Street
Worcester, MA 01610

Webster Square Tower
1050 & 1060 Main Street
Worcester, MA 01603

Elm Park Tower
425 Pleasant Street
Worcester, MA 01609

Pleasant Tower
275 Pleasant Street
Worcester, MA 01609

Our Partnership

The Worcester Housing Authority will be partnering with the Renaissance Medical Group (RMG), a holistic healthcare organization, to provide meals for the Food Matters program. RMG is a premier, full service healthcare provider rooted in a commitment to deliver personalized care to the people of our communities. RMG has a healthcare center in Webster Square Towers for residents and more locations throughout New England.

The Worcester Housing Authority is always looking for funding to grow and sustain our programs. Call 508-635-3172 if you are interested in supporting the Food Matters program.

News & Press Releases

Lanzan programa piloto de comidas gratuitas en Worcester
Posted: 11/3/2022

Worcester Housing Authority tackles food insecurity with new free meal program
The Worcester Housing Authority kicked off its pilot Food Matters program at Webster Square Towers on Tuesday for residents there as well as from Elm Park Tower, Pleasant Tower, Murray Apartments and Wellington Apartments. Posted: 11/3/2022

Food delivery pilot program launches for Worcester Housing Authority residents
A new food delivery program officially launched Tuesday for Worcester Housing Authority residents. The 'Food Matters' program aims to address food insecurity. The pilot program will initially be offered at six properties and focus on the elderly and disabled community. Posted: 11/2/2022

Free meals for Worcester Housing Authority residents bill of fare in new pilot program
Food Matters for the Worcester Housing Authority, as the agency is launching a pilot program with that name to deliver free meals to residents. Posted: 10/12/2022

Worcester Housing Authority to launch free meal delivery service for residents
The goal of the 'Food Matters' delivery service is to reduce food insecurity among WHA residents. They'll deliver 12 shelf stable meals per month to more than 100 residents. Posted: 10/11/2022

Worcester Housing Authority launching free meal delivery program
The WHA announced Monday that it is launching a new pilot program, Food Matters, that will deliver 12 free meals per month to over 1,000 residents. Posted: 10/10/2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for meal delivery?
Everyone in the participating buildings will be automatically signed up for meal deliveries. Participating buildings are:

    Webster Square Tower: 1050 Main Street
    Webster Square Tower: 1060 Main Street
    Pleasant Tower: 275 Pleasant Street
    Elm Park Tower: 425 Pleasant Street
    Murray & Wellington Apartments: 50 Murray Avenue
    Murray & Wellington Apartments: 30 Wellington Street

Is the food free?
Yes, the food is completely free! It is important to the WHA that residents are able to receive food no matter their ability to pay.

What if I am not home when the meal is delivered?
It is not necessary for you to be home to receive the delivery. All deliveries will be left outside residents’ doors.

Do my meals need to be frozen?
No, the meals are shelf stable and can be stored at room temperature. They are best warmed up before eating, but warming is not necessary for safety.

When will I get my meals?
Delivery dates will vary per building, but you will be notified before they are dropped off.

How many meals will I receive a month?
You will receive 12 meals per month. These meals will be dropped off once a month and are able to be eaten as needed.

What meal options are available?
The current options are Chicken and Rice, Beef and Macaroni, and Lentils. You will receive equal amounts of each meal for the first order. More options to come soon.

Does each member of my household get a meal?
Yes, each member of your household will receive 12 meals per month. It is important to us that each household is provided adequate food for each of its members.

Is there a vegetarian option?
Yes, the Lentils meal is vegetarian.

Phone: 508-635-3663
Email: FoodMatters@worcesterha.org

Food Matters Deliveries - November 2-3, 2022

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Food Matters Launch Event - November 1, 2022

View full album here: www.facebook.com/WorcesterHousing


Food Roll-out Celebration - October 14, 2021


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