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AC Guideline & Checklist


In order to prevent a delay in the installation of your Air Conditioner (“AC”), below are the guidelines that you must follow:

Air Conditioner Unit Specifications

    - BTU = up to 6000. One unit will handle up to 250 sq. ft.
    - Max. Weight = 50 lbs.

Installation Checklist

(failure to abide by this checklist may result in AC not being installed)

Prior to Installation:

    Tenant shall register the AC unit(s) by contacting the Maintenance Department at (508) 635-3200 or your management office. A separate notice regarding the installation date will be sent to you.

    The AC shall meet the unit specifications listed above, otherwise it will not be installed and installation fee will not be refunded.

    Tenant shall make sure the AC is accessible for proper installation by placing AC by the window where it will be installed.
    AC power cord must be able to reach an electrical outlet. No extension cords are allowed.

    Tenant shall be responsible for moving any obstacles from the window area, where the AC unit will be installed.

Day of Installation:

    If checklist items above are not met on day of installation, WHA reserves the right to cancel installation.

    Inoperable or damaged AC unit(s) will not be installed and removed from the premises.

    Maintenance staff will place a sticker on every authorized AC prior to installation.

    Unauthorized ACs will be inspected by WHA staff and reported to management for follow up and billing.


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