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Bulk Item Removal Program


In the past, there has been a large amount of bulk items that are left stranded around the property. Some of these items include couches, large TVs, dressers, mattresses, or other furniture. Leaving these items on the property or near a dumpster is not appropriate and creates a burden on the WHA staff, as well as an expense, to remove them.

In order to resolve this problem, the WHA has implemented a new program, to assist residents in removing large bulk items. For a small free ($25), residents can schedule a date with the WHA to remove up to three (3) items. Here is how the program works:

    1. If you have up to three (3) bulk items that need to be removed, visit the GBV Management Office to schedule the removal and pay the $25.00 fee.
    2. After payment, you will schedule the removal date with our Maintenance Office and receive a sticker to place on your item(s).
    3. On the scheduled date, you will place the item(s) at the dumpster nearest to your apt. and the WHA will come and pick it up. IT'S THAT EASY!!!

We are confident that this new program will provide residents an opportunity to remove large bulk items at an affordable cost. Our rate is almost 50% cheaper than what the City would charge to dispose of these items.

However, if a resident leaves items on the property without scheduling and paying for a removal date, the resident will be fined $50.00 for every three items.

The WHA encourages all residents to dispose of their trash and items inside the dumpsters. If you have items that can be disassembled or broken up into smaller pieces and thrown into the dumpster, there is no charge to the resident. The removal fees only apply to items that do not fit in the dumpsters.

Please continue to help us in making our community as clean and beautiful as possible. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation on this matter and please contact your management office if you have any questions.


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