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Family & Resident Services

Transitional Housing Program


The Worcester Housing Authority Transitional Housing Program (THP) works with homeless families to help them achieve long term housing stability.
Families who are accepted into our program participate in intensive day to day case management directed to assist them in achieving career, educational, and financial goals while living in clean, stable housing. Upon completion of the program families enter the “A Better Life Program” which provides an array of supportive services directed to enable families to become self-sufficient.

How to Enroll
The program duration is nine month funded by the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).

Applicants need to reside in a DHCD funded family shelter and be referred by their case manager. Families must complete an extensive program application and assessment where they describe their personal challenges and life goals. In addition, families will be screened for criminal justice history and a reference check is conducted. Once the application is successfully completed they will be contacted by the THP Coordinator to schedule an intake interview. Families who are determined to be a match for the program and are accepted do not have to pay rent but are required to save to prepare to successfully lease up with WHA.

Program Requirements

    - Families are required to save 30% of their total monthly income. The money is targeted to assist families with their lease-up process as they become traditional housing residents and graduate into the “A Better Life” program.

    - Employed or participating in job search.

    - If unemployed they must participate in educational training or Community Volunteer Program. CVP program is geared to work with individuals to gain job skills that will provide access to job employment opportunities.

    - Attend evening workshops, trainings and meetings to build life skills.

    - Adhere to no use of drugs and alcohol.

    - Adhere to guests visiting hours.

To assist and support families accepted into the THP program, WHA provides the following:

    1. Kitchen utensils, kitchenware, pots, pans, bedding and other home items.

    2. Offer ESL and GED programming on site.

    3. Offer after-school homework assistance for all children in Elementary school.

    4. Act as a family advocate with area services agencies and schools.

    5. Refer families to service providers in the area.

Once the family graduates they will transition into becoming a regular tenant, leasing the same apartment they occupy during their THP participation.


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