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The WHA employs a range of programs and practices designed to keep our communities safe. Working with our residents, resident groups, the Worcester Police and others, our goal is to provide communities that are safe for every resident.


The WHA uses security cameras in many of its communities. Our mid-rise and high-rise communities have cameras showing internal common areas, as well as external grounds. Our larger family developments are equipped with external cameras covering all grounds.

The purpose of our camera network is to deter crime. However, video surveillance will be used to provide evidence if and when a crime is committed.

Resident Community Meetings

WHA residents participate in 14 separate Resident Community Meetings. These groups are an important partnership that includes participation by both the WHA and the Worcester Police Department. Meetings are held at the various WHA communities on a regular basis.

Worcester Police

The WHA is proud of its effective partnership with the Worcester Police Department and its various units. To assist our largest communities, the WHA has contracted with the WPD for patrols at Great Brook Valley and Curtis Apartments 7 days a week throughout the year.

Additionally, the WHA hires police officers to work at various communities each day. These assignments are made based on the needs of the WHA at the time. Officers assigned to a community will follow a proactive community-policing model.

Security Guards

The WHA employs a private security firm that supplies security guards used at many WHA communities. Officers check guest identification and report inappropriate behavior to the police and to the Housing Manager.

Unauthorized Occupant Program

Statistically, we know that criminal activity is most likely to be committed by individuals who are not authorized residents of the WHA. For that reason, we regularly conduct an aggressive program to identify and remove unauthorized occupants from our communities. Our program includes participation by a wide range of government agencies including federal agents and the Worcester Police Department.

Lease Enforcement

The vast majority of our residents follow the rules. Unfortunately, there are a few who make things difficult for everyone else. To protect our families, out Management and Legal Department aggressively enforce all rules. For individuals who commit criminal acts or repeatedly break their lease, the WHA will seek eviction and other sanctions as appropriate.

All of our security practices and programs are designed to provide our wonderful families with safe communities that they can enjoy.


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